OSTB Color and Paint Book for Adults

The first YAS publication, OF SCRIBBLES, TANGLES AND BLURBS: a color and paint collaboration book, is now available at Scribe (Shangrila, Eastwood, Glorietta 4, Megamall) and Fully Booked (BGC, Katipunan, Eastwood) for PhP500-.

Buy it online for the same price and free shipping in the Philippines! Shipping costs vary per country outside the Philippines.

OF SCRIBBLES, TANGLES, and BLURB: a color and paint collaboration book


OF SCRIBBLES, TANGLES AND BLURBS is a multi-themed coloring and painting collaboration book featuring drawings by Filipino artists-teachers from Young Artists’ Studio. It contains 30 thematic artworks done in various renditions printed on thick perforated boards. The coloring sheets vary in style – realistic, illustrative, expressionistic, doodle and tangles, scribbled and portraits.


A major feature of this coloring book is its versatility in terms of forms, styles plus materials and techniques to be used. Printed on artists’ quality board, colorists have the option to use color pencils, watercolor pencils, gouache, poster paint, watercolor, ink, markers, acrylic paint and even oil paint. As sheets were rendered through each artists’ style, colorist will be able to explore different forms from nature to human figures to still life to animals and to abstract figures. Colorists may choose a sheet based on their mood for the day as well as use the coloring material they feel like using. Each page is perforated for added versatility, portability and the option for the colorist to frame and display his/her finished work.


The coloring sheets in this book are made by Filipino artists/art teachers with the intention of collaborating with colorists to turn the sheets into colorful works of art that may be framed, mounted and hung tiled together. The thick board also ensures that the artworks will stand a long time and appreciated in the homes or offices of the colorists. Since the project itself is a collaboration, the artists also intend to share their art to colorists in the form of coloring workshops, painting workshops, coloring/painting convention and coloring/painting competition.

OSTB workshop series: A series of workshops are now being scheduled in partnership with schools, bookstores and offices.


Verses, lines and poetry are also added to the coloring sheets to spark a dialogue between the artists and the colorists through art. These texts contain what the artists felt or thought about while drawing, words of encouragement for the colorists, and some ideas to ponder on while working on the sheet. Some tips are also given to make sure the colorist is able to maximize the pedagogic and artistic opportunity in each page.


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