YAS Parenting

There’s never a “just” in art; it’s never just art because art is the integration of all the other aspects of learning as it is a prime mechanism to apply education. For us, more than being fun and enjoyable, art intrinsically figures a great deal in human development in all aspects of necessary growth. YAS curriculum is a combination of technique and critical thinking mixed with applications of academic studies particularly in math and science. Human beings, kids and adults alike are naturally creative; all we need to do is to help them utilize their existing faculties (in academics or any practical activities) to be able to actually create.

Art for us is not “just art”; Art changes lives.

Why Art?

Art production is a process of re/creation that requires application of scientific and mathematical knowledge to render visual versions of concepts about one’s self, environment and history. One of the major misconceptions about art is its “triviality”; people often think that art is not academic and artists are not thinkers. Remember that most thinkers are artists themselves, from Greco-Roman philosophers to keymovers of the Rennaissance up to the present. YAS programs help beginning artists to produce visual images, based on the accuracy that only applied knowledge can achieve.

To finish an artwork requires more than criticality, deconstruction and attention to detail; It also requires certain values such as discipline, patience, resourcefulness, dedication, determination, proactivity, and most importantly, confidence/self-trust. Exposure to art forms is proven to promote development of life skills that can help individuals maintain competencies in any field. Children perform better in school and interact well with others when they realize their strengths and abilities.

To create art is to be self-aware. An artist is required to discover his/her self, aspirations and dreams. While learning techniques, YAS students are also engaged in discussions about the self, people, humanity and society. This way, young and aspiring artists develop critical thinking and discover their own perspective, vision and style. We think beyond creativity, because any creation is of no value without critical thinking.

Parents of YAS students enjoy the benefits of art education in the holistic development of their children. Adult students get an opportunity to go back to their childhood passion while enjoying some time away from their stressful carreers.

How can art lessons help the holistic development of your kids?

  1. Art production hones kids’ creativity and productivity.
  2. Art production helps instill ‘life values’ such as patience, responsibility, resourcefulness, determination and critical thinking.
  3. Art works give children a sense of fulfillment, thereby encouraging them to practice goal-setting and to enjoy achieving their goals.
  4. Art complements academic development of children, helping them understand concepts, numbers and even the alphabet. It enhances their ability to analyze sequences, ideas, materials, procedures and instructions.
  5. Art is a good way for children to express their feelings. It is also a tool for parents to fully discover their child’s character.
  6. Studio work helps your children develop social skills, value friendship and learn the essence of cooperation.
  7. Regular studio work instills the value of ‘discipline’ to children at an early age.
  8. Most especially, art allows your children to live their lives to the fullest – to discover the possibilities and boundaries of life through their own journey with the art world.

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