VOYAGE: YAS Students’ Summer Exhibit 2017

Yuchengco Museum / June 3 to 11, 2017

opening ceremony on June 3, 2:00 – 5:00pm


Going on a journey gives us a myriad of experiences and at the same time tests us to our limits. We pack our things to their bare minimum, prepare our bodies for moving around, and we load our selves with curiosity, openness and a welcoming view about the world. Off we go walking streets for the first time, passing unknown roads and making sure the picturesque views are captured. We do not mind the long rides, tiring walks and the heat of the sun. We just go on observing, appreciating, documenting everything that captures us, and trying to figure out how small we are in this enormous universe. Most of the time, our minds are flooded with questions. How do our lives matter within billions of lives around? How do we see the world in one lifetime? What’s purpose as a tiny dot in the universe?

Making art is the same. We traverse the interstices of our imagination, emotion, ideas, aspirations and soul. We prepare to receive ideas and give ours as well. We want a imprint of our experience and understanding either in visual-tactile form or our memory. We ask the same questions and try to create answers.

Artists are voyagers, walking under the sun or in metaphors but always, always with the intention to understand the world and our selves. In this exhibit, you’ll witness a compilation of our understanding and memory of art around the world.